About Partum

Partum is the proprietary Nikoin Mining Operation. It constitutes of state-of-art mining farms, capable of mining multitude of cryptoassets and a proprietary algorithm for switching between cryptoassets depending on the profitability.

We are convinced that the global community deserves a share in the profits of cryptocurrency mining and not just a handful of anonymous players from oligopolistic cartels in authoritarian states. We believe that crypto mining has to be a decentralized, democratic, and evenly distributed operation - one that is open to everyone who is willing to support the network and benefit from supporting it.


Partum’s central hub or Unified Mining Interface (UMI) manages the automated, decentralized operation of mining farms worldwide. It supports the Mining Farms in finding the optimal mining strategy depending on the traded price of the cryptocurrency, mining difficulty, real-time energy price at the location, hardware generation and many more factors. Besides data aggregation, control and optimization of Mining Farms, UMI also handles and supervises all service & maintenance operations throughout the Nikoin network.

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Partum Farms

Nikoin will be deploying fully customised “Industry 4.0”, remotely monitored, Internet of Things enabled mining farms in Himalayan Hilltowns, in Uttarakhand, India. The Himalayas have an undisrupted and reasonably cheap power supply, good internet connection, low air pollution, and low temperature around the year. Mining requires a temperature controlled environment with low dust and particulate matter in the air for better performance. We will be deploying a total of 4,200 GPUs with a cumulative hash power of 105,000 Mh/s in Phase I.

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